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Science steps closer to unravelling the mystery of the vast enigmatic 'ribbon' at the edge of the solar system

Ribbon of particles 'forms like boats trapped in a harbour by ocean waves' Strange phenomenon was first detected by Nasa satellite in 2009 Observations of it could

Nollywood And Husband Snatching Scandals; A Curse, Mistake Or What?

Some might question me for writing this piece owing to insinuations by some actresses in Nollywood who have labelled me as 'Nollywood marriage destroyer'. But

Assad's British-born wife Asma al-Assad is 'pregnant' according to Beirut newspaper

Syria's First Lady Asma Al Assad is pregnant according to Beirut-based al-Akhbar newspaper Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s British-born wife is pregnant, according to reports. The dictator is said

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